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Institute for Athlete Development

Welcome to the Institute for Athlete Development. No doubt, who ever wants to succeed in modern professional top sport today, needs competent, professional support.

The Institute for Athlete Development works in the areas of coaching, management and science.

Every Athlete can ask for service through the Institute. This can lead from single coaching sessions or services in management related fields to a holistic support surrounding both areas.

Findings from science help to support the practice and help us to improve our work and service.

We can work with young athletes as well as we are able to work with established professionals who want to improve their performance and become more professional concerning their career in general to go on with more clearity and develop in both fields – on and off the playing ground.

The Institute for Athlete Development sees development from a holistic approach, we think about the sport and the management, because we believe both sides are part of one medal.

The Athlete is in the focus of our endeavour and we together with the athlete want to work on a consistend positive Development including the body, mind and personality.



„Argue your limitations and they are yours – Argue your possibilities and they are yours as well!“